Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy

Using a hybrid approach to improve handwriting and literacy at Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy.

May 20, 2024

About the School: 

Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy is a standalone primary school in Wigan. The school serves 190 pupils aged 5-11 and prides itself on its balanced approach to edtech, focusing on enhancing the teaching and personalised learning experience. Parbold Douglas C of E Academy has a bold vision, which seeks to equip children with the vision, passion and skills needed to transform society. 

We spoke to Chris Lawson, Assistant Headteacher, Technology and Innovation Lead and Apple Distinguished Educator at Parbold Douglas Church of England Academy, to find out how Skriva Stylus is helping in the classroom.

The Challenge 

With so many brands to choose from, when selecting their new stylus, the school prioritised features that align with their educational goals. The team considered quick charging, palm rejection, and compatibility with their iPad infrastructure. The Skriva stylus was ultimately chosen for its seamless integration with the iPad, coupled with its speedy charging capabilities. 

One of the challenges faced by the school was finding a seamless way to integrate technology into the learning environment without compromising valuable curriculum time. Additionally, there was a need to cater to students with varying technological literacy levels and address potential parental concerns about over-reliance on devices. 

The school introduced the Skriva Stylus to enhance teaching and learning. The stylus is an integral tool used across Year 3 to Year 6 classes. It allows students to effectively engage with various apps and programs, such as handwriting apps and Showbie, which is the main application for workflow and personalised feedback.

Accelerating progress in literacy 

The Skriva Stylus helps pupils write neatly and legibly and allows them to write over existing work without damaging the original. This feature has transformed engagement with writing tasks, as students find the stylus to be an intuitive tool. Notably, the ability to write overwork without fear of damaging the original has transformed the drafting process, enabling students to revise and refine their work with confidence. 

The use of Skriva Stylus has significantly enhanced literacy skills. Students are more engaged in their learning, leading to improved comprehension and articulation of their thoughts. Additionally, the stylus has instilled confidence in students to make revisions and take ownership of their work. 

Talking about the impact of Skriva Stylus, Chris said: "The Skriva Stylus has enriched the learning experience for students, providing them with a versatile tool to express their creativity and articulate their learning effectively. The Skriva stylus's integration into various subjects, particularly mathematics and literacy, has empowered students to communicate their understanding more clearly."  

Using a stylus has improved handwriting skills by allowing students to practice writing easily. The stylus's precision and responsiveness enable students to focus on letter formation and fine motor skills. Additionally, the stylus's integration with educational apps, like handwriting apps and Showbie, has facilitated targeted feedback on handwriting, leading to accelerated progress.

Reducing Teacher Workload 

With the ability to easily switch between devices, teachers can provide in-the-moment feedback across multiple iPads, enhancing the learning process. The stylus has also encouraged more independent thinking and decision-making among students. 

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