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Scottish Borders Council

Driving improvement in literacy outcomes through embracing edtech at Inspire Learning.

July 10, 2024

About the Council:

Inspire Learning sits under the umbrella of the Scottish Borders Council and is dedicated to transforming education in the region. The program ensures that every teacher and pupil has access to an iPad, creating an equitable digital learning environment for their 68 schools and over 15,000 pupils.

We spoke to Roddy Graham, Lead Teacher, Inspire Learning, Scottish Borders Council, to find out how Skriva Stylus is helping across their schools.

The Challenge:

Ensuring consistent and effective learning was a challenge in a geographically challenging region, with many rural schools spanning vast distances. Additionally, the variable rural broadband posed an obstacle to seamless digital integration.

Improving outcomes:

“Skriva Stylus will play a pivotal role in accelerating literacy progress among our 15,000 pupils as its integration with iPads facilitates interactive learning and allows for immediate feedback and critical thinking, ultimately leading to improved outcomes in literacy.” Said Roddy “Its intuitive design encourages students to engage with their learning materials, and they are more enthusiastic about their handwriting as it is more fun and delivered dynamically and interactively.” The ability to provide instant feedback allows for targeted interventions, expediting progress in literacy.

Easy to use:

Skriva Stylus is very easy to use in school. In a single 15-minute charge, you get around 10 hours, meaning you only need to charge at most once daily. They come complete with the chargers in the boxes they come in, so they are straightforward to store and transport between classes when needed.

Skriva Stylus has streamlined the marking and feedback process. It is seamless and flexible, and instant pairing with iPads enables peer-to-peer reviewing and allows teachers to mark assignments effortlessly. This has significantly reduced teacher workload, allowing them to focus more on personalised instruction and support.

Beyond handwriting improvement, Skriva Stylus seamlessly integrates with various educational apps. This versatility amplifies its potential applications in the classroom, supporting a balanced approach to educational technology.

What Next?

Inspire Learning envisions further exploration of Skriva Stylus in creative tasks and digital artwork. Additionally, the potential for expanding stylus availability based on individual school needs is being considered. Inspire Learning also plan to provide further CPD opportunities to demonstrate how a Skriva Stylus can transform learning beyond handwriting as it has so much potential, particularly to support more creative tasks.

“Skriva Stylus, integrated into the Inspire Learning program and other educational apps, will catalyse literacy progress in the Scottish Borders.”  

By combining instant feedback, reduced teacher workload, and seamless app integration, it has created an engaging and effective learning environment. As the program continues to evolve, Skriva Stylus remains a key tool in the pursuit of transforming education for the region’s pupils.

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